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CBD Dosing Journal


Our friends at the cannabis education design studio Goldleaf created this elegant and handy science-forward CBD Jotter to give people a way to track and understand which doses, cannabinoid profiles, and products work best for your body. 

Everyone responds to cannabinoids and plant compounds differently. That is why it is critical (especially for newbies!) to monitor and observe how their system is responding so they can adjust their product choice, serving size, usage routine accordingly. 

It features a simple layout with helpful infographics, suggestions, guided entry pages, and much more.

• 24 full-spread templated entry pages
• Quick references guides and suggestions
• Daily product review sections to log feedback and journal effects, experience, impact
• Acid-free, chlorine-free, responsibly milled paper
• Classic cream-colored pages
• Discreet navy blue cover with gold emblem
• Portable A6 size notebook