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Stay Well with Stay Polite Hemp (Bud And Blossom Feature)

October 14, 2022 6 min read

Stay Well with Stay Polite Hemp

As a cannabis coach, I’m always on the lookout for new CBD/cannabis brands that I can share with my clients and readers. There are many things I look out for when vetting new brands, including the mission behind the brand/organization, the care and quality of their products, accessibility, price point, efficacy, and more.

Well… let me tell you…. I’m excited to be writing this blog post because I have found a line of hemp products that have made me say “WOW”! I think this is one of the products that the regulated market has been waiting for.

I have come to admire both product lines by Polite. They have a cannabis line (available at licensed dispensaries in AZ and WA) as well as a hemp line, available on their website Perhaps you’ve seen their colorful products around!

Continue reading below to learn more about why I admire this brand, how I use these products in my own life, and why I share this brand with my own clients and loved ones.

What’s so special about Polite?

Polite is a cannabinoid wellness company that launched in 2020 and has strong grassroots in patient advocacy. I admire Polite’s products because they are widely accessible and, well, they do what they say they do. For what you get, I find that Polite’s products are pretty affordable, especially when you compare the price point across other brands.

Their formulations leverage beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, and time-tested functional herbs. They have formulated their products with the inner workings of the endocannabinoid system - and greater body - in mind.

Even in the dispensary setting, Polite’s products do not lean particularly high in THC. The goal of Polite products is to help customers and patients achieve a functional and balanced feeling.

Polite created their hemp line to ensure all Americans can have access to effective, consistent, and advanced cannabinoid wellness formulations, even if they live in a place that does not have legal access to medical cannabis. After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD and cannabinoid products with under 0.3% THC (by weight) are legal in the United States. This is why you can place a Polite hemp order and have it shipped right to your door!

Over at Polite, their mantra is this: “Cannabinoids for better days and nights”. I concur! I’m pleased to say that now, all across the United States and beyond, many consumers now have access to quality cannabinoid products. Tell your friends!


My experience with Polite products

I began using Polite’s products in summer 2021. At that time, I was in the market for a new product that would not be particularly intoxicating and could serve as my basic wellness cannabinoid product for daily use. I was also seeking something that, if possible, could help me to naturally elevate my mood.

I had heard about the Polite brand prior to their launch and had been eager to try their products. Finally, the day came when I was able to find their products on store shelves! I talked to the budtender about the formula options and instinctually opted for the Power Up tincture.

On a note of personal preference – I tend to lean toward cannabis products (or just foods/smells/things) that are lemony or citrusy. And when it comes to choosing cannabis flower, I tend to select those that are fruity, floral, and of the lemon (or high % limonene) variety. I lean towards citrus or uplifting options because I appreciate the natural boost! I generally have a sunny disposition, and yet sometimes things can look a little grey and bleak within my mind. And so, when it came time to choose from the Polite formula options, I instinctually chose the yellow Power Up bottle.

From a cannabinoid perspective, Power Up is a CBD dominant formula with CBG as its backup singer. This is a powerful combination for daily use as a general balancing agent. CBG can be uplifting, too. My husband once dubbed CBG “CB-Good-Days” and I think it’s a pretty amazing description.

Microdosing cannabis is something I do to improve my mental health and manage my depression. This works for me! And Power Up, Polite’s tincture that comes in a little yellow bottle, is a one of my go-to products for that natural cannabinoid support. Just a note from one friend to another <3

These days, Polite is one of the top 5 cannabis products that I use regularly to keep my symptoms at bay and maintain balance in my body.

If you’ve been seeking mood support, try a formula with CBG in it and see what it does for your general disposition! How does it improve your days? Do your loved ones notice? Think about what becomes possible for you when you start using targeted natural options to reduce your burdens.


I recommend Polite products to clients… because they work!

Over the last year, I have been highlighting Polite’s products to more and more clients. Why do I do this? Because of the results that people report after they use them!

I have seen Polite help people sleep again. I have seen Polite help someone get through a week of stressful shifts, and then recover to repeat it with confidence and strength again. I have seen Polite soothe a loved one’s pain. And I have seen how Polite has helped people lean into the joy and health that comes from taking care of oneself.

I personally use Polite products, many of my clients do, my friends do. This is also a brand that I trust enough to share with my family! In fact, Polite’s all about family care, because they created this brand to support their family members, too. Cannabinoid wellness… it really is for everybody.


Want some of this goodness for yourself?

I know you do!

If you’ve been wondering if cannabis can help you, and have been seeking a well-curated product that can serve as your go-to cannabinoid product for general wellness, look no further. Polite’s cannabis products fit the bill. And, their hemp products can be ordered online and shipped directly to you! It’s easy, it’s effective, and I hope you will consider trying this natural cannabinoid goodness for you & yours.

Click here to shop the Polite hemp line.

From here, you will be able to make selections about the formula(s) you wish to try as well as determine which administration method you’d like to try (tincture, topical, or both!).



What’s in Polite’s hemp products?

Well, cannabinoids, of course! But let’s get into the specifics of which ones, why, and what the cannabinoids are suspended in.

The base oil used for Polite’s tincture products is hempseed oil. While other brands select other base oils for their tincture/oil products (such as coconut oil, avocado oil, water - requiring nano emulsification - vegetable glycerin, etcetera… Polite has chosen to use hempseed oil. It supports the endocannabinoid system, is generally well-tolerated, and hails from that plant we all love so much.

To hempseed oil, Polite formulators have included thoughtful cannabinoid ratios (and more!) meant to support certain wellness focuses. If you want to know more about each of these formulas, read the name of the formula and interpret what the color of the packaging is telling you. These products are meant to support you through many transitions and challenges, from pain to anxiety to sleeplessness to gastrointestinal distress. By targeting the endocannabinoid system in specific ways, and incorporating herbs to supplement each formula’s intended use, these little bottles of medicine really pack a punch!

Which Polite formula is right for you?Maybe there’s more than one that speaks to you!

Below, I have included pertinent details about the various Polite formulations.

Make note of the cannabinoids, functional herbs, and intended use of each formula!

  • Relief Aid: CBD, CBG, turmeric, ginger. Meant to relieve, aid with recovery, and soothe without sedation. 

  • Power Up: CBD, CBG, Gotu Kola, Grapefruit, Lemon Eucalyptus. For focused and uplifted energy. Meant to make you feel awake, not amped.

  • Daily Defense: CBD, CBG, ashwagandha, frankincense. Meant to make you feel healthy, not hazy.

    • Note: this formula has been created with gut/gastrointestinal health in mind. Polite has used cannabinoids and functional herbs that are known to target the receptor types that are common to, and pervasive throughout, the gastrointestinal tract. If you need gut support or have been seeking a way to care for your gut-brain connection, this may be a great formula for you to try!

  • Ease Your Mind: CBD, CBG, lemon balm leaf, kava root extracts. Created to make you feel peaceful, not paranoid.

    • Did you know? Cannabinoids are commonly found in cannabis (duh!). But, they aren’t unique to cannabis. Kava, one of the herbs included in Ease Your Mind, also contains cannabinoids!

  • Rest Well:CBD, CBN, kava root extract, and peppermint. Helping you hibernate without the next-day grogginess!

    • This formula is not particularly intoxicating; and yet it is still not for daytime use! Why? Because this formula contains CBN, which leads to sleepiness for most people. This is Polite’s nighttime formula


September 14, 2022

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